Have you ever done some marketing campaigns and wondered to yourself, so how do I know who read it, who acted on it, where did they come from, their Gender, etc. Marketing is no longer about pushing information to your potential clients, but about creating conversations with them. Monitoring and reporting on your return on investment you have made by doing marketing and understanding how affective it was or could have been. Better yet, ever wondered how you could make changes geographically and the correct targeting? With traditional marketing this can either not be done by 10% or nothing at all.

So why Digital? Well this is where you both give, and receive info of your marketing campaigns and by doing so build vital and strategic information on how to grow and improve your marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing allows you to interact with people at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Before buying your product a person goes through different stages, from the awareness stage to the consideration one and finally to the decision stage.

By being able to track and monitor in real time during each step of your marketing campaigns, you can extract relevant insights about your potential customers by using as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights or tracker pixels, and many others. These insights can be discovered only by using Digital Marketing, as traditional methods don’t provide the same accuracy and capabilities in tracking the interactions.

Once you start to analyse these different types of social media insight tools, the unique data it provides you can be used to improve your digital strategy, products, and services, and create a “Value loop”. The continuous improvement process of your digital strategy is based on new insights and interactions with clients.

We use this information often to start with building client avatars (Ideal Client Profile).

A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorise people into groups. The avatar focusses on one person and outlines everything about them. It goes into much greater depth than a regular marketing persona, providing marketers with many more targeting tools.

It’s crucial that you create a customer avatar of your ideal customer, not your average buyer. Your ideal customer is somebody you really want to sell to, they’re high-spending, loyal, repeat buying, referral monsters.

Hopefully some of you already have customers like this, if this is the case, use this person to build the foundations of your avatar. If not, it’s a clear sign that you’ve been targeting the wrong people.

One of the most common marketing errors made in digital marketing is broad targeting. This usually results in one of the following problems:

Brands and businesses who try to appeal to everyone, actually end up appealing to nobody. You need to be specific when you want to target avatars with you brand and service. Specificity is Key. We don’t sell everything to everyone….

Marketers who try to sell to everyone, connect with nobody and sells nothing.

Businesses who attempt to reach everyone, spend way more than what it would have costed and almost never reach their target market or ideal client.

We have a client Avatar template for you to use. Click here to download.

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