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Why a Business page and what to do with it.

You would wonder why we want to even explain the reason when most of you already have a business page. Well, let us start off to explain what a Facebook business page is and what it could do for your business.

Facebook business page serves to help people learn more about your business in terms of what you do, how you can be contacted and where you’re located. Your Facebook page will have a menu on the left side that allows your customers to view information such as an about page, photos and videos, events, reviews and posts.

So you know this already, But did you know the following?

Five Essential Tools for your Facebook Page

Facebook has 5 unique Tools at NO Cost, meaning Free Advertising.

  • Events – give people an opportunity to engage with your business in person. It’s a great way to promote a seasonal sale, announce a new shop opening, give a demonstration of your product or service and many other things. You can sell tickets, collect RSVPs, put events on people’s calendars and communicate with all attendees in one place.
  • Stories – allow you to create and share full-screen mobile photo’s and videos as they happen. The photo’s and videos you add will be visible for 24 hours, so they often spark spontaneous and quick conversations.
  • Shop – The Facebook shop tool can help you share your products or services, whether or not you sell them online. You can display and sell your products directly on your Page, making it easy for people to buy directly from their computer or phone.
  • Groups – provide a space for people to communicate about shared interests. They’re also useful to start discussion forums and to chat about specific topics, events or the products and services you offer. You can also join a group as your Page to increase community and awareness for your business.You can assign other people to help manage your group. As your Page following grows, so does the need for interaction and engagement. Group roles can help share the responsibility.
  • Facebook Live – is an interactive way to connect with people through live video. Broadcast live to people from your Business Page to get more exposure and engage with them in real time. Facebook Live can give your audience a behind-the- scenes look at your business, or you can use Facebook Live to host a Q&A session. During your broadcast, you can answer your followers’ questions, hear what’s on their minds and see their reactions.You can even ask your audience to subscribe to your Live notifications so they never miss a broadcast.

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Over and above these tools Facebook also offer:

  • Bookings – Get customers to book online with your business. You don’t need to have more advance tools if you make use of its full potential. Call-to-Action: Book Now!
  • Call Me – Business goal: You want people to contact you on Facebook Messenger or through another form of contact, such as email or phone. Call-to-Action: Call Now, Contact Us, Send Email, Send Message or Sign Up.
  • Download – Business goal: You want people to download your app or play your game. Call-to-Action: Play Game or Use App.
  • Learn – Business goal: You want people to watch an informational video or read more about your business on your website. Call-to-Action: Learn More or Watch Video.
  • Shop – Business goal: You want people to shop on your website. Call-to-Action: See Offers or Shop Now.

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Facebook pages are not just for posting ads and gaining more Followers, it’s a place of business and a tool to help you grow your business. It has various Free tools not only for operations but also for you to get more organic reaches and followers if used right!

To learn more about the function available in Facebook business or to make use of its full potential. Visit the Business Page learning centre and grow your skill. Don’t forget to read our guide on how to grow your Facebook Business.

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