To form a Target Audience strategy, you need to know who your prospective client is and what you sell is what they need. Do they even know they need it and what benefit do you product have over the same product or service other businesses offer.

When you run a magazine ad, for example, you definitely do some targeting. You know if your target audience reads that publication. You have some control over placement and size. You control the message within certain publisher guidelines.

That ad may reach 1 million plus readers.

But what percent of this million is actually your target? A particular fashion magazine might have a demographic 59% female ages 35-55. They may have some college education. And you know they’re interested in the type of fashion depicted in the magazine. But that’s a huge demographic.

One of the gifts that digital marketing has given us is the ability to dissect huge demographics. Whittle them down into very targeted groups to get super-focused on a specific kind of person.

For example;

Their age group, Gender, have they done any searches for your product/service, location, the best time of day to serve them with an ad, interupting their social media application with something directed at them based on specific targeting.

When you do targeting at this level, you create an ad that’s highly relevant to your target market. Because it’s so relevant, it connects on a level that more general advertising can’t. This connection gives it the ability to influence decisions, make prospective client aware of your service and benefits, or even solve a problem they did not know about. You do it without annoying traditional advertising techniques. You’re not showing the same ad thousands of times over a month’s period. Or interrupting someone’s program over and over.

So, what kind of targeting is possible with digital marketing? You’ll probably be surprised.

Let’s look at search advertising as an example. That includes AdWords. In this form of digital marketing, you target people doing searches in Google or any other search engen, but we focus on Google as it has over 90% search engen usage across all search engen platforms. Search results now account for about 64% of website traffic across the Internet, therefore a very important tool to get people to visit your site and get organic growth.

For businesses who’ve put strong focus on SEO (search engine optimization) as much as 80% of traffic arrives from search results.

Search advertising, aka PPC (pay per click) allows you to position yourself near the top of searches. That’s even if that’s not where your website would organically appear. Therefore organic growth or visits will never be enough. To only have a website, blog or E-commerce site means nothing if you don’t drive traffic to it, for this we use SEO optimization, search engen ads and social media ads to generate traffic.

With search advertising, you can target people with a very specific:




Education level

Buying behavior

And more

Do this by bidding on search queries that represent these specific targets. Build ads and landing pages around them to convert that traffic. Sounds difficult? Don’t stress this is where you start calling a professional digital marketing agency to help you out and build the strategy that suites your business best and deliver results.

Social media advertising similarly allows you to narrow your target audience Use the data they’ve collected about their users. Tell Facebook, for example, to only show your ad to people with a very specific recent behavior, interest, location or other identifier. or keep on retargeting them with the same ad once they visited a page or een a previous ad. This is were social media tools makes marketing efficient and ROI a reality.

Facebook insights

You don’t spend thousands on one ad. And you can run ads indefinitely. So you can easily modify that ad to connect with different groups of people. You don’t have this level of control over who sees your ad with any other form of marketing. Making it the best platform and the most cost effective way in dealing with digital marketing. The possibilities you have is endless and you can target Instagram ads at the same time killing two birds with one stone.

In our upcoming post we will discuss personalising your post to drive more specific targeting of audiences. We hope this has been of great value to you.

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