We discussed the importance of Digital Marketing with regards to targeting. Email targeting is another form of Digital Marketing and can be used down to the individual.

We call this “segmentation“.

In some cases, you actually can get to the individual level. Marketers call this “personalization“.

72% of consumers in most cases prefer that businesses use email to communicate with them. It gives them time to read what they want when they want to. They can then decide when to buy or not to buy from you or even unsubscribe to your email campaigns.

But when you send them content that is highly relevant, they stay on your list and continue to buy again and again. You can see where in the importance of digital marketing lies in a repeat lifetime customer.

There are basic programs that will allow you to add a person’s name or certain information automatically to an email. But we’re talking about a much more advanced approach that’s proven its ability to get results for our clients.This is email segmentation, automation, and personalization.

The Benefits;

With segmentation, you’re collecting email and customer data from each subsriber. You use this data to sub-divide your list based upon certain traits or behaviors identified through analytics. Once, divided, send each segment content that is most relevant to that segment.

If it isn’t relevant, you don’t send it to them. And if you can make small changes to a piece of content make to it more relevant to a different segment, you do it to reach more people.

Automation allows you to send that content at the optimal time to obtain the desired result. It takes the repetitiveness out of the process. There are many tools that can be used for this form of marketing and have build in capabilities to perform these tasks easy as drag and drop.

You learn what this optimal time is through your data collection process. This time may be immediately. It may be a certain time of day. It may be sending a certain message before another one. You can even have it sent when an action was taken or an email was not opened etc. The options and function vary from platforms.

Finally, you have personalization. You recognize a person on an individual level. You are able to recommend the best products to them because you know their purchase history. You recognize that they just visited your website and abandoned their cart. You refer to them by name. They feel that you respect their individuality.

personalised email marketing;

Let’s focus on 3 different things, that work together and delivers the best results.

The Power of Segmentation, Automation & Personalization

According to MailChimp‘s extensive data, subscribers are 14% more likely to open emails that are segmented. They’re 101% more likely to click a call to action in the email. Segmentation reduces bounce rates by 5%. That’s a lot in email marketing. It reduces unsubscription rate by around 10%.

But what about sales and revenues? Segmentation sounds like a lot of work. Does it have an ROI to justify it?

Aberdeen Research Firm found that conversion rates increase by 10% with segmentation. But not only are conversion rates higher. People receiving segmented emails spend more. Marketers saw a 760% increase in revenues thanks to segmentation.

Businesses who use automation to send these emails at the optimal time on average increase their conversion rates by 50%. Automated emails are 70% more likely to get opened and have 50% higher click-through rates.

What is important in this, is the relevance of content the correct targeted audience. Therefore when personalised businesses get better result when targeting it’s audience based on past purchases or interests shown in specific products.

But segmentation and automation aren’t something that just any small business can do on their own. These do take an investment in advanced tools that take a lot of the monotonous, repetitive and time-consuming work out of the process.

These programs are essential for running effective segmentation. But they’re often cost-prohibitive for a small business. This is yet one more benefit of working with a digital marketing company. It can carry the costs while allowing you to benefit from these state-of-the-art technologies.

Increasingly, businesses that succeed are using segmentation, automation, and personalization to do so.

Get to know more about Digital marketing and follow our future posts as we are sure this will help you understand the Digital space and what it can mean to you for your business brand and marketing strategy.

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