Choosing between traditional marketing and Digital can be quite a hassle for many small to medium companies, as the average size of the marketing budget is usually not big enough for both of them.

Out of comfort, or lack of understanding regarding how Digital works, many marketers from both small and medium enterprises choose to go with traditional methods Some choose to use alternative options by mining their current customer base with manual emails and whatsapp messages. Though this can be somewhat effective, it never reaps the reward in the same way as finding new client to buy services offered by these businesses. Not only is it time consuming but clients who have purchased from you already have a business relationship with you or are making use of your products and services. If they already buy what you offer, chances are they will not buy more if not prompted on their own need.

Businesses where repeat purchases or use of services offers organic sale, would not need this prompting or retargeting. There will be a natural purchase cycle prompted by the client. Unless you are running promotions or inviting them to launches or sales of new services. The question remains is this worth the time spent by doing this manually. Can you measure the performance and do you understand the cost of your resources in performing these tasks manually. Though you might think this has no cost, it surely is very resource intensive and your time is valuable and of more use in doing what you do best, Managing Your Business!

When faced with a relatively small budget you want to get the highest value you can with the amount of money you have. This is understandable and therefore one can assume this to be the reason in opting to make use of alternatives. But what value can Digital Marketing bring?

Great Exposure to specific audiences

Traditional forms of marketing enable you to reach people from a certain area, this could be your local market or even town or suburb. However, this wil have little to no possibility of specifically selecting the audience.

For example, if you sell products for teenage girls and you make a radio spot is pretty difficult to choose who is going to listen to that radios spot. It can be heard by teenage girls but also by old people, or other categories of audiences that are not part of your target. Moreover, that radio spot is limited to a geographical area, reducing the overall results.

On the other side, digital marketing doesn’t face location constraints. You can target people from every city or every country in the world. Furthermore, you can choose which people you want to reach with your ads, based on different traits, from gender to job title and hobbies.

This means that you can invest in ads that will reach only your specific target, instead of wasting money communicating to audiences that are not interested in your products or services.

In our next blog we will discuss other options you have with digital marketing and how if provides value and further benefits to your business.

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Appointing a digital marketing agency should already seem like the next logical step as we believe each business should do what they do best and that is to focus on their core business and outsource what is not core to your business to someone that knows best. You might find that this would not only save you valuable time, but the investment made in digital marketing will very quickly show results and pay for itself and at the same time grow your business.

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