Promoting services or Product with the help of various types of online or social media, which is for the most part called as digital marketing. The entirety of our web based marketing techniques are digital now and in this day and age demonstrated its points of interest over conventional marketing systems. Digital marketing is reasonable for all enterprises independent of their products or services. Through its intuitive interface organisations can expand their customer base quickly.

It is important even during this season of lockdown that urges individuals to stay inside. We need to create a reminder consistent and frequent to bring back your visitors and clients attention to your services and products. That is exceptionally appropriate in this circumstance. We ought to remind others about our astounding Products and splendid services so they can be reminded why they should use your products and or services during this time. Goldkey digital is with you on this journey to discover the success and important of digital marketing to take your organisation and brand higher than ever. Here are a few points of interest of digital marketing that help you to investigate its adequacy and importance even during this season of lockdown.

Analytics and DATA importance

Digital marketing, Google Analytics and other monitoring tools like Metricool can give you the correct idea about the number of people who viewed your website in real-time. With the support of Google Analytics, you can track stats and other information about your website. These will give you the details of the number of visitors on your business page, their geographic location and demographic details. The extent they spend their time on your site, source of traffic, the bounce rate of a website, traffic variation, etc. also can be deducted in the case of digital marketing.

Metricool can bring all data and analytics for your social pages eg. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, linkedIn and more, in to one space. This is not only helpful for at a glance look at performance of your social accounts, but it helps you understand the reach of your content and what people enjoyed most. Also what ads on social media performed well and which medium was the best to use. It goes as far as suggesting good times to post and posts can be scheduled. What a planned calendar for your content, no problem its has it all.

Content performance and SEO ranking

Analysing the reach of your brilliantly prepared and printed brochure has made after its release through different channels, is hard to do and an impossible task. But if you have an impressing visual content, you can promote it through social media and can reach more target audience. According to the engagement your content is getting, the search engine like Google might consider your content is valuable, and in turn, the SEO rankings will increase. If you are working with Goldkey digital, SEO services are one of our focus areas, and we can help you with this regard.

Promote the rates of Conversion

With digital marketing, you can have a one to one conversation with customers easily. By just sending an email, Use sendinblue, you can reach them and invite them to make a purchase or introduce your services to them. If they are fascinated, significant leads will be generated, and that would eventually promote the rates of Conversion. Use Canva for the best images and illustration to help you in drawing the right attention to your marketing efforts. Use MobileMonkey as a method of communication on your Websites or Blog that not only keep record of who you dealt with in the past, but can be used to retarget the same people. Use the built in Bot function to make your task in answering mundane questions.


Digital marketing can save you from costly advertisements through traditional channels. Email marketing automation can boost your customer leads. It can also help you to pre-load content and make a convenient schedule for sending them.

More revenues

Digital marketing can provide you with more revenues once you ensure easy navigation, stable platform, offering the right ideas or goods along with the usage of multiple digital marketing networks. Affiliate marketing is another option you can check out to spread your reach. This is however effort in writing content and keeping up with the hundred and thousands of people doing it.

Survival in the Online Business realm

The survival of your business in the online platform is optimal, and you should focus more on this during the lockdown periods. To let people know that you are here with new vigour, strategies and improved goods or services will be important. Rather than the come and go scenario, a steady presence irrespective of the situation and the possibility of the sail is a good thing. You should remain in people visual periphery so that they can reach out to you when the need arises.

Digital marketing is the perfect way to reach out to people during this lockdown. The online presence of people will be high at this time, and you should utilize this occasion effectively. Goldkey digital is ready to help you in all the required areas of digital marketing. Mane use of our 30 min FREE no obligation strategy call to see if we can help you with a strategy that suite your businesses needs.


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